SpringBoot Spark

by Anand

Posted on : 03 May 2019

Tired of Creating Entity Class, Repository Interface, Service Class, HTML Files and Controller for Given Fields ??

Well This application will help you to create All in one shot. you just have to provide number of fields with name and type and generate everything you need.


First you need to create Spring boot application using below URL.


and add the Web, H2, Thymeleaf and JPA dependency for quick start. (H2 is optional if you are using some other database)

also note it down the package name (Group) which you have provided while creating application. (for example: com.example)

Generate required Classes, Interface and HTML files.

you can clone below repository in local machine and start the server.


URL will be.


or you can use online tool which hosted here

Online Tool

Provide the Application Name, Base package Name which you have given while creating you spring boot application (for example: com.example) as mentioned above.

Give the list of Fields for your Entity Class with Type and click on Generate Project.

Extract The Zip file and Copy parent folder to your Source Directory.