Plan your First Solo Ride

by Anand

Posted on : 06 May 2017

Let’s talk about safety first


Before you plan your first solo bike ride, you need to make sure that you will be safe during ride. Remember that you are surrounded with the people (family and friends) who care for you. So this blog is only for those people who can take safety as serious topic.


Spending on riding gears can be costly. Not everyone can afford riding gears but it is one time investment. It will be useful for long period of time.


So i will be writing on things to buy in priority.


1) Full face Helmet ( Value you head. Not everyone gets a second one.)


Yes. Full face helmet is on the highest priority. Not even Half Helmet. I will not talk on which brand is best. But you should wear helmet which is completely tight to your face. Its should not shake while riding. Generally with whom i ride, they all prefer MT helmet or LS2 brand. i own MT Full face Helmet and I rate my helmet 4 out 5. It's really perfect for any kind of season. The reason why i rated 4 is because i cant use my earphone while riding. My ears start paining after sometime. No i'm not forcing you to use earphone while riding. But i don't stop unnecessarily in between when i get important call from someone. I also use GPS, so i need to listen GPS voice instruction carefully.


But i found a solution. Yes i use bluetooth device which has both side speaker inside my helmet along with microphone and it's really worth.


2) BT-S2 1000m Bluetooth Headset Motorcycle Intercom.

Link to Buy :


I have tried this product for 1800 KM long journey. Battery life is 7 to 8 hours and recharge time is 2 to 3 hours. This is the most cheapest and quality product available at this range.


With this device attached to my helmet complete 5 out of 5 rating.


3) Riding Jacket:  You can buy any riding jacket which is fit to your body. Make sure shoulder and elbow guards are perfectly fit to position. I prefer jacket with thermal which easily removable during summer ride and easily attachable during winter ride. I own biking brotherhood jacket. Other recommended brand: LS2, Cremaster, Rynox, Aspida.


4) Knee Guard or Riding Pant : if you can afford riding pant, you are good to go. But just for a while i secure my knee by Creamster knee guard.


Things to buy for your bike.


I like to carry all required things for my trip. I don’t compromise on it. I have make sure that i don't carry it on my shoulder or backpack. I make myself free from any kind of load on my body. To make this happen i bought 2 amazing products from


5) Viaterra Saddle Bag : There is enough Capacity ~48 liters (combined). Generally i put all my non electronic stuff inside this bag. So in case if anything happen to my bag, i don’t care :). This bag will be attached to my bike till last stop. This bag comes in a pair with rain covers. But in rainy season i keep all my stuff inside plastic bag. Because It's not completely waterproof bag.  

Other recommended brand: Cremaster

6) Viaterra Tank Bag. For all expensive and electronics items i use my tank bag which i carry wherever i take break in between. This bag also comes with rain cover. I feel capacity is very less compare to Rynox tank bag.  

Other recommended brand: Rynox.


Bike Modification.


7) Tubeless Tire is on high priority. If you bike is tubeless then good to go. If it's not tubeless then better to change it to tubeless. Also carry Puncture kit in saddle bag and learn how to repair puncture in tubeless tire. :)


8) Tire Pressure: If you reduce a tyre’s pressure, its tire contact patch will increase. This increases the grip level and if you are riding in wet conditions, a bit lower pressure than usual is recommended. Lower pressures can also offer increased comfort.


9) Oil Change : if you are going for Long ride then better to change oil before you start your trip. /p>


10) Carry Chain Cleaner and Change Lube in saddle bag. Lube bike chain after 300 to 400 Km.